Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Catching Up!

Not sure what happened earlier but my Internet was running really slow for some reason so I decided to post what I had and then start over. Plus we had our home group meeting tonight at the park so I wouldn't have been able to finish anyway.

I'm crawling to ya mommy!

We're Trapped!...We broke out the baby gate the other day since we have stairs that go down into our dining room and Caleb's room. Caleb cared more about it than she did of course because he can't get to the back patio or his room as easy.

Summer Time Knees... Caleb has been the king for skinning his knees here lately. As soon as we get one healed, he falls and scrapes it again. I bet those knees will be glad when jean season comes along!

Helping Daddy Paint...Dan had just taken the roller away from Caleb when I took this shot...I know it's not the best. It was taken through our utility room window.

Getting Brave!...Ariel made it to the stairs the other day. Look out world she is REALLY on the move!

Canna's...Dan and I planted some canna's back in the spring and they finally bloomed this past week. They are so pretty. We had no idea what color they would be and I absolutely love the orange and yellow together.