Friday, July 06, 2007

SATURDAY...June 23

We went to Allison and Debbie's church for a church wide end of VBS picnic. They had inflatable water slides and small kiddie pools for the kids to play in. When we got there, I of course tried to keep Caleb in the smaller pools because I didn't think that he was near big enough to go down the bigger water slides, but he insisted on going on them anyway. The first few times that he went down the slide I had one of the girls that Debbie knew from the youth go down with him but then after that I was pretty confident that he was ok to do it by himself. He had such a good time!

Ariel sat on the side lines and watched all the kids play. She sat in Debbie's lap and took a bottle and relaxed in her stroller.

That afternoon when we got back home, both kids took a long nap. They both slept in the same room...Ariel in her pack in play and Caleb on the twin bed. They did great sleeping in the same room.

After their naps, they both snacked on some Cheerios while Debbie cooked dinner and Allison took Caleb outside to jump on the trampoline...he only got to jump twice the whole week because it rained so much. Ariel decided that she was ready to crawl and get up on all fours and rock back and forth. By the end of the week she was crawling and scooting around. We had cousin Laura over for dinner and watched the Lion King.
This is the slide that he started on.

This is him climbing up the big water slide

Ariel hanging out.

Caleb going down the big slide
Nap time

Snack time

Jumping on the trampoline