Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ainsley Came to Play!!

Mandy had her 3 hour glucose test on Monday so I offered to watch Ainsley for her. Clint dropped Ainsley off at 9:45 and I had already gotten things ready for both Caleb and Ainsley to make Valentine's cards for Mommy's and Daddy's. They went straight to work and they did such a great job!

What a pretty girl!!!

After they made their cards they colored a little while with markers on construction paper. Caleb drew his first person!!!! I was so excited for him! He called it his King and even drew a crown on top of his head!
Then the fun REALLY started. Yo Gabba Gabba came on and they started dancing all around the living room doing their "Dancy Dance" moves. At one point Ariel decided it was too much for her so she sat on the ottoman and just spun her head around trying to keep up with them as they ran circles around her. They also played "Rocket" off of Little Einsteins and patted their legs real fast just like they do in the cartoon and then said "Blast off!" and then ran around the living room, they were so funny to watch!

Here they are playing "Rocket"...look at those cute belly's sticking out!!

We did have some down time though, Ariel went down for a quick nap so Caleb, Ainsley and I piled ourselves into Caleb's bed and I read them some books. They had such a great time together!


Mandy said...

So sweet! That picture of Ainsley is so funny! I've never seen that kind of smile before! You can really see her long eyelashes in it, though. :) She had a blast...I owe you BIG time!