Friday, February 01, 2008


Yep we got about 3 inches of snow yesterday. I got up at 5:15 and went to the gym and by the time I got out (only an hour and a half later) everything was covered in snow. They ended up closing all the schools yesterday and today so I am sure that there are a lot of happy kids out there and a lot of parents who were a little more than normal stressed out. Especially since all the snow has melted in all the sunny spots and the roads are completely clear.

I was supposed to get Caleb back today...yes he is STILL at his Granny's!!! I have never gone this long without my boy, I do miss him! Since the roads were kinda "ify" today, Dan and his mom decided to make tomorrow the day to get him back. I talked to Caleb on the phone yesterday and he had been playing in the snow a lot there. I really wanted him here so that him and Ariel could play together in it but it just wasn't possible. Plus I am sure that he had a wonderful time at Granny's house.

I did however let Ariel play in the snow for a little while today. This was her first time being in it. She wasn't sure how to walk in it and there was a time or two that she took a nose dive into it, but all she did was get back up and brush it off. We stayed outside for maybe 10 minutes. I didn't want her getting too cold since I didn't have the "proper" clothes to put her in. She did have fun though!