Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working on the fence

Dan started the fence a few weekends ago. He was so excited because for Valentine's day I got him a nail gun so that he could install his pickets more quickly than having to drill them all in like he has done in the past. Obviously we don't give each other traditional V-day gifts...I got weight lifting gloves and a new pair of tennis shoes!!

Caleb helped him on the fence one afternoon. We noticed after we moved in that there is not an outdoor water spicket so in order for Dan to mix the concrete for the posts, he has to fill a five gallon bucket with water and then use a coffee can to get the right amount of water into the concrete. What a hassle! Especially for a landscape architect....oh and not to in the world am I going to fill up the pool for the kids this summer. We need to look into that!
My sweet boys doing what they do best...making a mess and getting dirty!

If you click on this picture and make it larger (if it will let you, sometimes it won't) you can see that they both have the same expressin on their faces!

Here is a wider shot of how big the backyard will be. It is going to be a TON bigger than I thought it would be but I am so happy to have so much space. There is a small decline towards the back of the yard...I can just see both my kids rolling down the hill...better get prepared for those grass stains!

Helping Daddy pour some water into the hole.